Estate Planning

An Estate Plan speaks for you, when you are no longer able to speak for yourself.

Failing to properly plan your estate can cause unintended consequences for the very people it is intended to benefit, and, in many cases, it can create significant hardships for your surviving family members.  Even a simple will can alleviate many problems; however, depending on the size and composition of your estate, there may be more complex aspects of your estate plan that need to be managed to ensure it complies with your intentions as well as the law.

We work with a team of advisors from multiple disciplines to help our clients define their legacy vision and then develop a comprehensive estate plan to fulfill it. With the ultimate goal of preserving the estate and maximizing the transfer of assets to heirs, a well-conceived estate plan should accomplish the following:

  • Secure the financial future of your family
  • Provide the capital needed to pay immediate cash needs, settlement costs, and estate taxes
  • Ensure that all of your wishes are honored
  • Avoid the delays, publicity and cost of probate
  • Minimize estate taxes
  • Provide for the management of assets during the settlement process
  • Ensure the continuation of a business
  • Provide a legacy for future generations
  • Leave a charitable legacy
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