Financial Planning

For each client, our process begins with a comprehensive Financial Consultation which forms the basis of our long-term relationship. For us, the key to effective planning is in the questions we ask and how we listen.  Before we recommend any financial strategies, we take the time to understand your goals and sensitivities in the context of your current situation. 

A fully integrated financial plan, when reviewed regularly, enables us to respond timely and appropriately to the effects of life events and macro events on individual circumstances. It also becomes the key benchmark against which investment performance and progress towards your financial goals is measured each year.

We work with you in four distinct stages to develop and implement a customized financial plan:

  • DISCOVERY -- It starts with an introspective discovery to clearly define your financial goals, including your vision of retirement, your legacy desires, your business ambitions and your hopes for your children.
  • PROPOSAL -- Then, through a deliberate process of inventory, assessment and analysis, all aspects of your current financial picture are assessed to determine where gaps might exist.
  • IMPLEMENTATION -- Solutions are identified and their implementation often involves multiple disciplines such as tax, estate, asset management, risk management, and charitable planning.
  • REBALANCING -- Beyond immediate solutions, your financial plan forms the foundation of all future decisions and becomes the guiding blue print for your long-term investment strategy.  

Asset Management

Today’s dynamic and complex global markets present a challenge for busy executives, professionals and business owners who lack the time and timely access to information needed to effectively manage and optimize their investments. At PGWM, we employ Discretionary Managed Investment Portfolios to relieve our clients of the daily demands associated with managing sizable assets while pursuing their personal investment objectives.

Our investment managers expertly construct customized portfolios based on your return objectives, risk preferences and time horizon. Working from your personal investment strategy, we select suitable investments from the entire spectrum of equities to create an asset allocation that reflects your investment profile.

Our active management ensures that your portfolio is constantly monitored to evaluate its suitability as market conditions change. Through regular performance reporting, you are kept apprised, allowing you to focus on other priorities.

For busy executives, professionals and business owners, a Discretionary Managed Investment Portfolio offers many advantages, including:

  • Expert diversification: Discretionary portfolios enable you to achieve the optimum diversification based on your return objectives and risk preferences.
  • Maintaining a long-term view: With short-term macro-events buffeting the markets each day, your investment manager is able to maintain a longer-term view, targeting your specific investment objectives.
  • Disciplined investment process: Once an investment strategy is initiated, your investment manager will adhere to it, which ensures it is managed in a consistent manner and in accordance with your guidelines.
  • Eliminates behavioral biases: Perhaps the most significant advantage of a discretionary managed portfolio is that it acts as a firewall against the typical, emotionally-driven biases that work against investors’ interests.
  • Reduced investment costs: Our advisory fee is all inclusive which means you do not pay separately for investment transaction costs incurred in the management of your portfolio.
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