Retirement Planning

The increasing cost of living in retirement, coupled with an ever-expanding life expectancy has compounded the challenges retirees face today. Achieving lifetime income sufficiency today requires retirement planning strategies that focus on both accumulating enough capital and optimizing capital distribution in retirement.

We will work with you to develop clearly defined retirement goals based on your ambition for a good life, the rest of your life. We then conduct a detailed review of your existing retirement assets; and, considering their growth trajectory, tax implications and projected rate of inflation, we analyze their capacity to generate the income you will need to meet your life style goals. Where shortfalls exist, we work with you to develop retirement strategies to get you back on track, including:

  • Arranging your retirement assets to achieve optimum tax diversification in order to maximize retirement income.
  • Constructing an investment portfolio with an asset allocation strategy linked directly to your growth objectives.
  • Developing a capital spend-down plan based on your cash flow needs and asset growth. 
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