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The increasing cost of living in retirement, coupled with an ever-expanding life expectancy has compounded the challenges retirees face today. Achieving lifetime income sufficiency today requires retirement planning strategies that focus on both accumulating enough capital and optimizing capital distribution in retirement.

We will work with you to develop clearly defined retirement goals based on your ambition for a good life, the rest of your life. We then conduct a detailed review of your existing retirement assets; and, considering their growth trajectory, tax implications and projected rate of inflation, we analyze their capacity to generate the income you will need to meet your life style goals. Where shortfalls exist, we work with you to develop retirement strategies to get you back on track, including:

  • Arranging your retirement assets to achieve optimum tax diversification in order to maximize retirement income.

  • Constructing an investment portfolio with an asset allocation strategy linked directly to your growth objectives.

  • Developing a capital spend-down plan based on your cash flow needs and asset growth. 

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The rising cost of a college education has an increasing number of families struggling to properly allocate resources so they do not compete with other critical financial goals. While there are a number of college savings solutions, such as College 529 plans, Coverdell Education Savings Accounts, and even Roth IRAs, choosing the right solution can be critical in achieving the optimum level of growth, tax efficiency and financial aid eligibility.

In our College Planning, we will work with you to

  • Establish realistic college savings goals

  • Research the annual, inflation-adjusted cost of a four-year education at your preferred colleges

  • Develop a customized savings and growth strategy utilizing the appropriate mix of college savings vehicles


Because we integrate your college planning with your overall financial plan, you will have the peace-of-mind knowing your college savings goal will not impede with your ability to achieve other important goals.

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An Estate Plan speaks for you, when you are no longer able to speak for yourself.


We work with a team of advisors from multiple disciplines to help our clients define their legacy vision and then develop a comprehensive estate plan to fulfill it. With the ultimate goal of preserving the estate and maximizing the transfer of assets to heirs, a well-conceived estate plan should accomplish the following:

  • Secure the financial future of your family

  • Provide the capital needed to pay immediate cash needs, settlement costs, and estate taxes

  • Ensure that all of your wishes are honored

  • Avoid the delays, publicity and cost of probate

  • Minimize estate taxes

  • Provide for the management of assets during the settlement process

  • Ensure the continuation of a business

  • Provide a legacy for future generations

  • Leave a charitable legacy

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For each client, our process begins with a comprehensive Financial Consultation which forms the basis of our long-term relationship. The key to effective planning is in the questions we ask and how we listen.​

We use four distinct stages to develop a custom financial plan:


  1. DISCOVERY: Introspection to clearly define your financial goals, including retirement, legacy, and business ambitions.

  2. PROPOSAL: Through a deliberate process of inventory, assessment and analysis, all aspects of your current financial picture are assessed to determine where gaps might exist.

  3. IMPLEMENTATION: Solutions are identified and implementation often involves multiple disciplines such as taxes, estate, asset management, risk management, and charitable planning.

  4. REBALANCING: Your financial plan forms the foundation of all future decisions and becomes the guiding blue print for your long-term investment strategy.

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